Toum recipe

With our new menu comes lots of new flavours and dishes – and we want to share them with you!

Our brand new labneh dish, features toum: a garlic sauce common in Lebanon, also known as salsat toum or toumya. The word toum is how the Arabic word for garlic “thoum” is pronounced in the Levantine dialect, which is how it gets it name.

This autumn we’re smearing the toum through our labneh, which complements the strained yoghurt’s rich, creamy texture.

Toum and labneh

Toum recipe


50g garlic cloves, peeled (about 1 head)
500ml rapeseed oil/any other neutral oil e.g sunflower oil
25ml lemon juice
1 tsp salt
1 tsp caster sugar


1. Add the garlic to a food processor and pulse until roughly chopped.
2. While the food processor is running, very slowly drizzle in the oil. You’re looking to get a mayonnaise-type consistency, and you may not need to use all of the oil.
3. Once the oil has been incorporated, add the lemon juice, salt and sugar, then blend until smooth. Check the seasoning and adjust if necessary.
4. The toum can be stored in the fridge in a sterilised glass jar or an airtight container for up to one month.

How to sterilise
1. Ensure glass jars have been washed in hot, soapy water and are completely dry.
2. Heat them at 100C in the oven for at least 20 minutes, removing a few minutes before you need to use them.