Spicy Pisco recipe

Perfect for any time of the year, the Spicy Pisco is simple, bright and easy to make. Basil and chilli give this cocktail its fresh, but warm taste and the orange brings everything together. Traditionally seen in pisco sours, this grape liquor pairs perfectly with the citrus and heat from the chillis.

Spicy pisco ingredients

There are two methods for this cocktail depending if you’d like to make a single serve or are making a large batch like we do in the restaurant. The key to making this drink is to preserve the freshness of all the ingredients. When making a large batch, mix equal parts hot water and granulated sugar in a large jar and stir until the sugar has dissolved, then cool until at room temperature. Next add your orange slices, chilli slices and basil leaves, then infuse for one to three days. This process will prevent cooking the basil and preserve the oils in the chillies. Once this has infused you have your homemade basil, chilli and orange syrup ready to be shaken in your cocktail!

Spicy pisco pour

When making a single serve, you’ll skip the step of making the infused simple syrup and simply add the sliced chillies, basil leaves and orange slices to your shaker.

Spicy Pisco


Serves one

50ml pisco
50ml basil, orange and chilli syrup
25ml lime juice
Garnish: slice of chilli and a basil leaf


1. Mix all of the ingredients to a Boston shaker and top with cubed ice
2. Shake until chilled and the ingredients become fragrant
3. Strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.
4. Garnish with the chilli and basil leaf

Basil, orange and chilli-infused syrup

Serves: 10
25g basil
2 chillies, sliced
1/2 orange, sliced into wedges
500g granulated sugar
500ml hot water

1. Mix the granulated sugar and hot water together in a large jug and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved
2. Let the syrup cool to room temperature
3. Lightly muddle the basil, chilli and orange in a separate bowl and add to a jar when syrup has cooled
4. Refrigerate for one to three days, the strain into a sterilised bottle to use with cocktails